Crossword Puzzle

Volume 1 · Issue 6 · September 2011

1 Tears of joy without a sort of tune for a happy batsman (7)
4 What to do with her? Always making the wrong change! (7)
7 With plenty of this sort of thing, one wouldn’t start to swear, “It’s cold!” (9)
8 Smarting? From the heavy bag on your foot! (5)
9 Cockney chap leaves a mixed piece, to make a big blockbuster (4)
11 A nice form she loves to expel (5)
13 Captain got evidence of them taking a siesta on board (5)
15 Scouts marching to keep some of the bistro open (5)
16 Getting by without an arbitrator is rough going (5)
17 Hide it in the last ash can in the row (5)
18 He might be partly lonely behind iron bars (5)
19 Are none shaken by Obama’s first? Perhaps surprised! (5)
21 “Where were you? You try standing here for hours!” (5)
23 Counter-productive way to live (4)
25 Victorian lady asks some of us to stop rudeness (5)
26 In America three hugs will do. Or maybe kisses will be stronger (3,3,3)
27 Does a revolutionary squeezing in some bad jokes deserve fisticuffs? (7)
28 Her feat was disordered, but still one for her cap (7)

1 OK to go topless here, but is the light fitting? (10)
2 A turbulent reign in the silents (5)
3 The coxes may have a ______ decide in which ______
        place their craft before the _____ the finish. (3,2)
4 The fair left Alabama, America without the Mexican treasure,
        but with the meat-eating lions. (11)
5 Place for rough justice in the grange? (7,4)
6 At this venue, even with parking, can they salvage a draw? (4,2)
10 We hear clearly that the agreement involves great revolutions (7,4)
12 In the tree, bravest ones turn out to have real backbone! (11)
14 From September to June, perhaps even the young royals
        echo the rest of us (6,4)
20 A back rub with that foreign water from the dresser (6)
22 Make a donation? In fact it helps (5)
24 The flowers were damaged from the vet chasing the cat (5)