Producing Nerds

By Brandon Blatcher   |  Issue note

FYI, copy editing assignments are being handed out today and they should be done in a week or so. Shooting for issue out by the end of May or mid June. It’ll be 20 or 24 pages.

Obviously, things are on hiatus for bit. Currently shooting for ‘by the end of 2012’ for this issue and revamped site.



April notes and floats

By Brandon Blatcher   |  Issue note

We’re working on things. While you’re waiting, send in a submission about Music, Travel or the start of summer.

Want to write about a different topic? Go right ahead, just be sure to send it in.


No really, we’re going to put out another issue

By Brandon Blatcher   |  Issue note

You haven’t missed anything, the Nerd Issue has yet to come out. Bright, shiny things distracted us.

Let’s try this again:

The deadline for submissions for the Nerds issue is March 31st, 2012 and the submission link is the same as always. Send in your observations, memories or musings on what it’s like to live the nerd life. We enjoy words and pictures, so send in either or both!

The theme after Nerds is Music and after that it’ll be Travel, so if you have something you’d like to submit for those issues, go right ahead and send it in. Do you already have artwork or a written piece that doesn’t exactly fit those themes? No problem, we’re not strict about a particular issues. Send it in and we’ll take a look at it.


Cha cha cha changes

By Brandon Blatcher   |  Issue note

Yes, we’ve gotten a bit behind with putting out a monthly mag. Jobs, the holidays, life, they’ve all conspired to throw things off a bit. In recognition of that fact, we’ve decided to slow down a bit and switch to putting out an issue every other month. Since our last issue come on in December, our next one will be out in February. The theme is still Nerds and Geeks, no worries there. 

The deadline for submissions is January 20th and the submission link is the same as always. Send in your observations, memories or musings on what it’s like to live the nerd life.


SexySex Time With Issue 8

By Brandon Blatcher   |  Issue note

Issue 8 cover

This issue’s theme is sex and covers several different views of the subject, from humor to touching to harrowing.

First up, the results of the Sexiest MeFite contest, complete with photos that capture the unique beauty of each special person who entered.

Brandon talks about the girl that could have been his first; in an excerpt from a longer work, DancesToBlue writes about the one that was. Pjern’s story isn’t about his first, except maybe his first time doing a certain act.

We also have three firsthand looks at sex work. First Meatbomb tells about his experience with “The Second Battered Woman I’ve Known” , By The Grace Of God’s foray into phone sex, and ILoveSocksĂ­‘necessarily anonymous “Simple Transactions.” We do warn that readers sensitive to rape triggers should avoid that story.

Unicorn on the Cob dispels some coming-of-age myths, at least for Texas teens (kids are less salacious than you’d think), and The Whelk ventures forth armed with MeFi Mag press “credential” to cover the Fleshbot Awards. And finally, Ardriril turns reproduction into code.

All this plus photos and art by rhapsodie, elgilito, ElvisJesus, hellojed, msbrauer, TimTypeZed, monkey!knife!fight! and jessamyn!

Print copies and a PDF are available.


Issue# 7 has come for a visit

By Brandon Blatcher   |  Issue note

Cover of Issue#7

Death is universal. No matter what path any of us take through life, we all get there in the end.

And along the way, most of us have to cope with the deaths of others. How we deal with those deaths is a big part of what makes us human.

This issue spans the gamut from professional to personal observations on death, from sober to touching to humorous. Using words, photos, paintings, drawings and a graph or two, we explore the final journey.

Print copies or PDF are available.


Time for fun and games with Issue #6

By Brandon Blatcher   |  Issue note

Issue 6 cover image

Time to sit back and relax!

There’s a crossword puzzle from Woodblock100, Jharris shares memories of the extra lives of the Vic Viper video game icon, msalt delves into the literary tradition of palindromes and reversals, Languagehat learns a life lesson after getting conned in New York, Troll reveals the design of a new card-slash-board game , and Mike Mongo has a stencil that is designed to be cut out of the magazine and sprayed in your favorite (legal) haunts.

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Come chill out with Issue #5

By Brandon Blatcher   |  Issue note

Cover of issue#5

With the heat of the season still upon us, we created this issue around the theme of cool. Inside we explore what that means, including being uncool in middle school; the science and technique of getting down to absolute zero; how cool, yet warm, several punk albums are, an artist exhibit on the emptiness of the most expensive ice, diamonds; and a chilled salad for hot days. Also includes photos and artwork from various MeFites.

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Issue#4 is finally here!

By Brandon Blatcher   |  Issue note

Issue #4 Cover

This issue touches on the theme of work, in various forms. Klangklangstong takes a look behind the scenes at the Institute of Erotic Arts and Sciences, msalt discusses the similarities of comedians to Daoist monks, Lutoslawski reveals the torture of man-boobs, iamkimiam is interviewed about “Meffy” vs “Mee-Fai”, Brandon Blatcher traces the path Neil Armstrong’s journey to be first man on the moon and brina chats with the newest moderator, restless_nomad. All this, plus photos by rhapsodie, carter, bwg, mygothlaundry, cmyk and Kronos_to_Earth.

Get a print copy via Mag Cloud and download the PDF, to hear the various pronunciations of “MeFi” and “MeFite”.


Issue#3 has arrived

By Brandon Blatcher   |  Issue note

Cover#3 image

Brand new month, brand new issue! We have a theme this time around, Travel and Place. Featuring stories of an ant invasion in Mexico, the struggle to leave home in Scotland, a visit to a region of America struck by a devastating earthquake in the 1800s and a voyage from small town USA to the world, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

All that and more, including, poetry, shorter travel related pieces, photography and a fantastic graph of AskMe comments about “travel and transportation.

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Issue #2 is waiting for you!

By Brandon Blatcher   |  Issue note

Issue two cover

The new issue is fresh from the oven and waiting for you to dig into it! This time around we have stories by Cortex, Msalt, It’s Raining Florence Henderson and more. It’s new media the old media way!

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Issue#1 is out!

By klangklangston   |  Issue note

Issue #1 cover

Our inaugural issue is here! Featuring Scody’s story about meeting Roger Ailes, Ambrosia Voyeur’s critical look at the ‘70s Scifi flick Zardoz, a short poem by Unicorn on the Cob, story by Devil’s Rancher, reprinting a long comment by EmpressCallipygos, Meatbomb’s remembrance of airport in Central Asia from the ‘60s and Flapjax at Midnight’s description of the March 2011 earthquake in Japan.
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